Stevesgotit International's

Stevesgotit International's has realized the challenges that international consumers and American, Canadian businesses face with international shipping. We have developed a new and unique way to fulfill demand for consumers who would like international delivery of US and Canadian goods. This process has also helped US and Canadian companies who want to expand their operations to provide international shipping.

Stevesgotit International's services provide international consumers with Canadian and US products.  This allows consumers overseas the ability to purchase US and Canadian goods, consolidate purchases, and have them shipped for international delivery. Our services provide international consumers access to the entire US and Canadian retail market and makes international shipping more cost effective. Below is an example of the savings that are realized using our services:

Our job at Stevesgotit International is to take in the goods, store them, repackage them when our customers advise us, and handle any custom related issues that may arise. Stevesgotit and our distribution partners, who have been providing international delivery for decades, handle these goods with confidence and care. The end result is a very powerful service that has now linked US and Canadian businesses with international consumers.


I will be working with Bongo international for any products that can not be bought from Canada. They are a very reliable company and have used them for a long time.

Here are some price examples, for more just message me I will be glad to help you.
We ship with DHL Express and Federal Express and Fedex

For USA and Canada                  
For more examples or for your countrys rate chart just send me a message           
Weight(lbs) Price
  1.0   $7.26
  0.5   $7.26
  2.0   $7.76
  3.0   $8.13
  4.0   $8.54
  5.0   $8.83
  6.0   $9.00
  7.0   $9.20
  8.0   $9.34
  9.0   $9.53
  10.0   $9.74
  11.0   $9.91
  12.0   $10.09
  13.0   $10.27
  14.0   $10.46
  15.0   $10.66
  16.0   $10.83
  17.0   $11.20
  18.0   $11.67
  19.0   $12.11
  20.0   $12.57
  21.0   $13.03
  22.0   $13.43
  23.0   $13.85

All I need from you to make your order work is The company that has your product you want the item number, what the product is and the price it is and your email address. Easy eh
Then what I will do is write you up a paypal invoice send it to your email, I except all credit cards.
There will be a $5.00 dollar charge for handleing cost in this invoice.
Thankyou for your time and for shopping with me at, for your computer electronics,baby supply's,auto parts,office supply, women clothing dealer